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Ask me Shawty    Even when it's Hard you gotta keep on fighting no matter what!!
- Josie Gao

Hi I´m a girl from Sweden and i love music. I love, One Direction, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and more. I love heartland, Pretty little liars, unforgettable, glee and Awkward there are one of the best tv show I´ve seen. And of course my favorits movies are The Hunger Game, Burlesque, Soul surfer and flicka the brown mustange 1 & 2!!!! I´m a skater, i Synchronized skating, ride, dance and sing. Love to act as well. And remember your beautiful no matter what other people say and always follow your dream<3

Luke trying to get the boys to guess his song +

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"You a turkey guy?"

He’s pure LIGHT. Pure light and charisma.The way he looks at the people he’s talking to, the way he answers a question whilst smiling and with that well-known glint in his eyes, it makes me fucking weak. It’s so confident and hot. 

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He does have snazzy moments. (x)

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Michael’s POV

April 2nd 2015

A year since Y/N’s death

It’s been a hard year. I almost quit the band at one point. The guys almost had to cancel a tour around America because of me.

I couldn’t help it.

Without her here anymore.

I’m not me

Every time I had to write a new song,it was always about her. She’s all I think about. Every day, night, hour, minute, second.

It’s even worse that whenever I look at my arm, I see her name, tattooed there.

The tattoo will stay there forever. Like my love for her. I probably won’t find anyone as good as her. She was perfect. Her bright eyes, her smile that could light up a room, her beautiful body, her intelligent mind and how she cared for others. 

I always said in interviews when the interviewer brought her up, how much I loved her, how much she meant to me, how much she loved me, how much I meant to her.

I even said in one interview, that I would marry her if I could, but now I guess, it’s too late.

She would have worn a gorgeous white dress, looking like the definition of perfection, as she normally does. I would have seen her walking down the aisle, her and her father looking at me, smiling. A tear would fall from both of our eyes. We’d be so happy. Together for eternity. Nothing would have broken us apart. 

But something did.

Her leaving me

Her leaving her family

Her leaving her friends

Her leaving the world

I could never love anyone as much as I loved her

She was the love of my life

She was my soul mate

She was my world.

She was my everything

and she always will be

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