Josie Gao

Ask me Shawty    Even when it's Hard you gotta keep on fighting no matter what!!
- Josie Gao

Hi I´m a girl from Sweden and i love music. I love, One Direction, Little Mix, Cher Lloyd, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and more. I love heartland, Pretty little liars, unforgettable, glee and Awkward there are one of the best tv show I´ve seen. And of course my favorits movies are The Hunger Game, Burlesque, Soul surfer and flicka the brown mustange 1 & 2!!!! I´m a skater, i Synchronized skating, ride, dance and sing. Love to act as well. And remember your beautiful no matter what other people say and always follow your dream<3

Favorite Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park “interview”, in which Grace is extremely forgetful and keeps ruining BSG for Daniel. [x]

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- I don’t mind at all

- Yes, he does. You’re gonna let her sign your cast and not me? After everything I’ve done for you?

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